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What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Each member requires a member profile. As part of the member profile, there are the associated profile photo, profile cover, posts, comments, images, videos, email address, city, state, personal preferences, and metadata. The platform securely stores images, videos, comments, and associated metadata only for the purpose of customizing the user experience while on the platform.


When you log in to Paid To Have Sex Porn, you temporarily opt-in to saving temporary file-based member session cookies on your computer or mobile device, which are stored in your web browser’s local file cache. The session cookies are used as one of our content access security controls. As you browse the different sections of the platform (posting a photo, or sending a friend request, for example), the website checks your access level.  The website verifies your identity without requiring you to log in again by confirming the temporary cookie that was saved when you initially logged in.  When you log out, or close the web browser, your access to content within the platform, as well as, the temporary session cookies are removed from your computer or mobile device.

Who we share your data with

Should the need arise, you can permanently delete your own account and all associated data (pictures, videos, messages, comments, and metadata) from within the Settings menu on your profile page.  As we all have our own lifestyle, we are not concerned with our members’ backgrounds, history, or orientation. As an online platform, our primary responsibility to provide you, our member, with a sensually stimulating and comfortable platform that allows you to express yourself in your own way. Paid To Have Sex Porn does not communicate, or work with, any external group, agency, or organization.

How long we retain your data

As part of the member profile and timeline, member data is securely stored for the length of time that the member account exists, or the data is deleted by the member. All members can see, edit, or delete their own personal information at any time. Members can also designate various portions of the data as “Private,” which restricts other members from viewing the data.

All members can request to receive an exported file of the personal membership data, at any time. Each member can also permanently delete all stored data for their own membership account.  There are no backup or copies of the data that can be restored or recovered.

Where we send your data

Paid To Have Sex Porn does not perform any identification or specialized data processing.  All data is maintained and securely preserved within the website.

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